Tenant Stories


Freelance Photographer

Hello, I am a freelance photographer. I own my own photography business, it's liberating and highly stressful. If i don't get new customers to sign up I have now income or money to pay my rent, bills or buy food.



Hello, I am a nurse here in Evanston and a single mother working nights. I have a child in college and another in grade school, I want a bright future for my family


Auto Sales Rep.

Hello, I work in auto sales. The hours can make family time a challenge but I love the work. The base pay is small but the earning potential is great with commissions but that really means the sales need to happen. The inconsistency in pay can sometimes make it hard to make long term financial plans for my family



Hello, I am a mother and nanny with more than 20 years of childcare experience. I work long weeks but have to change jobs every few years because the kids grow up. The constant searches for jobs takes it own toll on you.


Refugee Advocate

Hello, I am a refugee advocate, wife and mother. I work more than an hour from home and am the head of household bringing in all the income as my husband take care of our young daughter. We do this because childcare is too expensive


Speacial Ed Assistant

Hello, I work in the local school district adn am a speacial ed assistant. The work is hard but rewarding and at the end of the day I get to come home to my young son and granddaughter.

Images are representative of our tenants. No actual tenant photos are being used


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